Who is Talking Shop?

Working with individuals and organisations, we deliver high-impact training programmes tailored to help anyone communicate with confidence, present effectively and increase their influence and impact in the workplace.

If you are a business professional looking to become a more powerful presence in meetings, communicate with more credibility and authority, or handle clients, colleagues and stakeholders more effectively, we can equip you with the skills required to unlock your potential.

Our bespoke training sessions are developed for each individual or group and are specifically designed to deliver fast results.

Who is Laura Chattington?

  • Founder of Talking Shop, Laura has nearly 20 years’ experience of directing multi-million-pound global communications accounts, managing multi-disciplined teams and communicating up to c-suite level executives.
  • A member of Toastmasters International, the world’s largest public speaking organisation, Laura has delivered speeches to audiences for the last 15 years and regularly competes in competitions.
  • Laura has delivered and facilitated events and training sessions to hundreds of people around the world.
  • As well as individuals, she has trained teams from companies including Deloitte, IBM, Oracle, Police, Social Finance and the NHS.

What do people say about us?

“My sessions with Laura were a game-changer. I worked with her before an important interview and she helped me shift my mindset going in. She made me evaluate what I was bringing to the table, taught me how to deliver an effective and concise presentation and boosted my confidence. I highly recommend working with her.”

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Global Head

“This is a really welcoming, supportive and fun training programme delivered by highly experienced trainers. I would highly recommend.”


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Joseph Duffy
Senior Advisor

“Working with Laura gave me the tools and strategies to deal more effectively with the C-Suite. As a result, I am far more confident when interacting with my senior team.”

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Zoe Smith
Team lead

“I thought the session really gave me a lot of confidence. After thinking about getting public speaking training for a long time and never really finding the time, I was encouraged to do this. Laura and David made us speak a number of times in the two hours so by the end we had no choice but to be confident!”

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Scott Oatway
Client Manager

“What the programme really helped with was getting beyond the theory to quickly getting to grips with the actual process and practice of standing up and speaking in front of an audience.”

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Tim Holt-Wilson

“I’m using the Personal Pitch programme all the time. I’ve also guided my team members in the same vein. I’d hazard to say we now make the snappiest and most engaging introductions in the business.”

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Graham Libaert
Data Strategy Director

“With an ongoing requirement to present well to prospects, clients, my team and the industry, I was looking for quick results to help me improve. I engaged Laura to help and the results were fantastic. I now feel far more confident when giving presentations.” 

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Charlie F
Associate Director

“The workshop was informal and low-pressure, but I felt I made real gains in only a couple of hours. We all had the opportunity to speak a number of times and I came away with valuable advice on how to better structure and present myself when speaking to a group of people.”

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Jamie Webster
Trainee Solicitor, Cubism

“It was very practical training with actionable results. It gives your communication skills a quantum leap into the future!”

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Sekayi S

I gained useful techniques that can be applied when presenting, particularly in environments where you don’t have much control and need to influence others. I held engagement sessions with my team and adopted a different approach, which has proved worthwhile.

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Temi Afolabi

Easy going and fun workshop focused on practice rather than theory. Both Laura and David were very accommodating and engaging.”

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Tobias Reinecke

“I present to an audience of over 10,000 annually and have spent a fortune on mastering my ability to communicate and influence effectively. Although I’ve come across great trainers in the past, Talking Shop is the only one who put together a solid FRAMEWORK that gives you everything you need to communicate your message with confidence, authority and influence. I love it. My team loves it. And I’m certain you will love how simple and effective it is too. “

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Nido Abdo
Marketing Director