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[Podcast] 5 Secrets for Connecting & Influencing Others – with Ann Campea

Being able to connect, present and influence others will help your listeners achieve their desired results in their professional and personal life. Building rapport and trust enables them to create valuable connections. Laura gives us 5 secrets that short-cut the path to connect, create rapport and influence others to take action. We cover the following: […]

#112: Live Coaching Session To Fast Track Your Career With Laura Chattington And The Daily Freedom Team

“What do you do? Why should I add you to my team? Or Why should I give you the promotion?” Don’t have a comprehensive answer to these questions, let alone one that gets other people interested and wanting to find out more? Ever feel like you are missing out on your opportunities? In the “Coaching […]

Tips to Get Promoted at Work

Just Working hard does not get you promoted. Working hard does not get you noticed. Working hard does not get you the recognition you deserve. If you are looking for tips to get promoted at work, getting to the year end and not feeling you not operating at your full potential, maybe not in the […]