Ditch the Headtrash

I connected. Quickly. Video conference.Fear. Flashing. Through my mind… HEAD TRASH. What if? I forget. My presentation. My mind. Blank.My heart. Beating fast. Pounding.Can’t breathe.

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Divisions Across Society

Today we find ourselves living in a divided world, with deep divisions across our societies. Sadly, there is misunderstanding and intolerance wherever we look. We

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How to Own the Room

The First time I came across NLP, someone gave me a book called ‘Live a Better Life with NLP”. At the time I thought my

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presentation training

Why Public Speaking Matters

Lawyers eat documents for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So imagine the workload of merging three document systems of three UK National law firms. It was

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public speaking

I’ve Fallen In Love…

I’ve fallen in love… with a sloth. What’s not to love about an animal with a fixed grin on its face? With their need to

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