Training for individuals

Our training programmes are designed to deliver transformational change. They will provide you with the tools, strategies and habits that will become embedded and deliver results even after the training is over.

Unlike others, you won’t have to sign up for a never-ending series of sessions. Developed to meet your specific requirements, we’re confident you’ll see results fast. 

There are a few ways we can work together including virtual sessions, group workshops and 1:1 training. Whatever you decide, you’ll find them all interactive, practical and effective.

You can choose from one of the training modules below that will be adapted to suit you, or you can go with the full package. We also build entirely bespoke programmes.

The Senior Stakeholder Plus

All C-level execs are people too, right?!

Does your role require you to communicate with the senior team or perhaps you have a challenging boss?

We will help you to speak the language of senior stakeholders, understand their perspective and communicate with confidence and credibility.

The Personal Pitch

First impressions count and you don’t have long to make a good one, whether in a formal meeting or a more social setting. Within seconds, people will have a solid impression of you, whether you’re at an interview, a network event, a pitch or interacting with your senior team.

We will sharpen your skills to deliver an engaging personal pitch where you can confidently talk about yourself and your experience at the drop of a hat.

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The Authority Builder

Are you looking to become a more powerful presence in meetings, tackle self-doubt or handle clients, colleagues and stakeholders more effectively?

We will give you the techniques for communicating with gravitas and authority.

The Confident Communicator

Whether it’s dealing with imposter syndrome, listening to an inner critic or experiencing worry and self-doubt, many of us want to build the type of confidence we can call on at any time.

We will help rewire your brain for confidence and enable you to consistently perform at your best.

The Presentation Pro

Many of us need to present in our jobs and some of us are required to do public speaking. Lots of people would prefer to jump off a cliff.

We will help you develop a killer presentation and become a confident, eloquent and engaging presenter and public speaker.

The Complete Communicator

Do you want to become the full package and build your confidence in several areas?

We will develop a programme that covers all of the modules above, tailored to your individual requirements.

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